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Other folks' choice zombie merchandise:
Corporate Zombie shirt and I <Heart> Killing Zombies shirt from Threadless
Relatedly, Zombie Dollars shirts
Shaggy zombie monkey mug from Munktiki
Zombie baseball jersey from i'm dead
Zombie Clambake shirt from Tako's Closet
Pixelated zombie shirt from Zombie Beach
Uhmina Be A Zombie buttons, stickers, etc.
A handy reference to the zombie's favorite cuts of meat at shopzombie.com
Zombie Food Pyramid It's important to maintain good nutrition even if you're dead.
Plus kitties and hearts and brains and worries and name tags and squirrels and more kitties!

A few zombie-related links:
Urban Dead is a massively multiplayer web-based online game where you can hunt humans. Or be a human and hunt zombies, if you prefer. Shyeah. Zombie Mob: Don't be surprised if the eatbrains.com zombie mob overtakes your burg sooner or later!
Zombiegrinder 60000 is a Flash-based zombie shoot 'em up with a loud deathmetal soundtrack Zombie Infection Simulation is a Java simulation that illustrates how quickly zombies will come to power.

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